Introducing Uniswap Permit2 Authorization Management

Introducing Uniswap Permit2 Authorization Management – an essential tool for managing internal authorizations of Permit2.

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We are supporting:

  • Batch Revocation: Lockdown on Permit2 natively supports batch revocation.
  • Suspicious Authorizations Identification: ScamSniffer highlights potentially malicious addresses for better security.


Recently, many users have fallen victim to Permit2 phishing scams.

And there are 669k addresses approved to Permit2 from Ethereum Mainnet.

Until now, there has been no tool for managing internal authorizations of Permit2.

Permit2-Based Phishing stats:

  • Over $690k was stolen from approximately 300 victims.
  • Rapid growth in phishing attacks observed in the last two weeks.

Deep Dive into Permit2:

Traditional Model: Directly authorizing tokens to contracts.

Permit2: Global authorization followed by internal management of authorizations.

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An Example Of Why Need To Revoke

1. Victim signs malicious Permit2 signature

2. Victim swaps ETH for $PEPE

3. Scammer transfers all $PEPE via Permit2

4. Victim revokes $PEPE approval for Permit2

5. But the approval inside Permit2 still remains, Once he trades $PEPE on Uniswap again, another approval for Permit2 is required

6. $PEPE will be stolen again due to the approval still remaining inside Permit2.

And that’s why you need to use our tool to manage the token approvals inside Permit2 to avoid losing more in the future.

Secure your Web3 assets with ScamSniffer.

With the Uniswap Permit2 Authorization Management tool, we’re taking a step towards safer DeFi experiences.

Spread the word and stay vigilant!

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